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Introducing Mother Superior

Mother Superior is a Production Company based in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was created to produce feature length films that deal mainly within horror/fantasy genre. It has been producing intellectual property and films for about two years now.
Dios Local (Local God) is its first film, and it’s now in postproduction. It’s a film that was produced entirely in Uruguay, with a crew built by professional artists and technicians that united their work to achieve its superior technical and artistic quality.
Part of the crew had already worked together in La Casa Muda (The Silent House, 2010). The Silent House is the first film directed by Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez, and, as in Dios Local, also worked with Pedro Luque (Cinematographer), Federico Capra (Production Designer) and Hernán González (Sound Director and Musician).
Mother Superior was born with Dios Local and now is starting to work in new horror film projects as Melting and Small Town.
Melting is going to be directed by Santiago González (an in-house screenwriter and director) and Small Town will be the third long-film directed by Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.


Local God


Local God is a film originally produced in Uruguay (2013), and directed by Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
It is a horror feature-length film produced by Mother Superior, and is currently in post-production.


When a three-member cult rock band reunites to film a music video at an abandoned gold mine, they unleash the spirit of a sleeping demon/god that will force them to relive the horrors of their past.


After a sequence of tragic events, a rock band composed of twenty-year-olds, immerse themselves in writing a three track conceptual album project that deals largely with their guilt, fears and traumas. Each song has the distinctive quality of including the most heart-wrenching incidents lived by the band members, who wish to cope with their darkest moments through their music.
Within this framework, the band decides to withdraw to a far away grotto to record the videos that will accompany their record. Once there, they unwisely trespass into an abandoned gold-mine where they discover an idol made of stone. It is an ancient diabolical representation used by the Spanish crusaders to frighten, subdue and enslave the natives under the rule of their local god.
Having unleashed the spirit of the mine, the three youngsters will be unwillingly submerged in a dark and familiar realm: the world created in their record. Now they must fight for survival against the horrors of their past, the same horrors they tried to heal and forget, but that are now made present in a wild and never ending loop.
Narrated in three chapters, one for each track and band-member, the three stories are spun through terrible acts of violence, cruelty, torment and madness.


Melting is the feature-length film project adapted from the homonymous uruguayan novel “Derretimiento”, the second novel written by Daniel Mella.
Since 2011 Daniel Mella and Santiago González started working in adapting the novel to script.
This project is in development. We are working in a production plan to produce it within the year 2014.


After spending his childhood in a catatonic state, Zico unleashes his repressed fears and violence on the innocent world.


Zico, at age eight, falls into a dissociative stupor: a catatonic state which both the doctor and his family don’t know how long it will extend.
The humble family, belonging to the rural region of the country, takes care of him as best they can, but as the years go by without any signs of improvement, Zico starts becoming an atrocious piece of furniture that condemns them to the constant daily cares.
Ten years after falling into the stupor, at age eighteen, without giving any previous signs, Zico awakens. The young man’s somber and erratic behavior starts to summon such a level of fright from the family that the Father decides to teach Zico how to drive
and asks him to leave and never return.
Already in his twenties, Zico arrives at Las Garzas, a beautiful beach town. There he meets Pedro, a friendly local who works as landlord to the house he´ll be staying in.
After meeting Pedro´s whole family, made up of many young children, moved by an incomprehensible feeling of repulsion, Zico murders them all in cold blood. Receiving an unusual amount of pleasure from the killing, the young man relives the experiences as a bedridden kid inside his monstrous and warped room.
Burning Pedro’s house with the family inside, Zico vanishes from the place.
Living in an old apartment of the Old City, addicted to the memories of his childhood, Zico, aged sixty, has kept killing.
Unfortunately during his last crime (the murder of an obese woman by starvation) his last physical strengths were depleted. Being unable to keep killing, he starts the spiral descent that leads him to only find peace in his own death.

Small Town

Small Town is the feature-length film project thought to be produced within the year 2014.
This project is in development.


After watching his mother die in the hands of his father Doctor Hass, the town’s prophet, Ciro returns to his hometown to exert vengeance upon the doctor and all of the brainwashed townsfolk.


After spending his childhood in a coma, Ciro manages to escape his hometown, where his father, Doctor Hass, leads the townsfolk in a sinister cult. Having entered adulthood, Ciro returns for his sister and mother´s coffin, but when trying to escape once again, gets caught by the net of intrigues spun by his father. Ciro, the first-born son, is then asked by Hass to take his place as the town’s prophet, since he, the doctor, is suffering from a deadly sickness. The young man accepts (apparently persuaded by the power vested in him by his father) secretly deciding to take vengeance upon the sick town his father built.


Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez

Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez


Graduated from the Uruguayan Film School (ECU) and performed for years the roles of Director and Editor in several important international Production Companies. He’s distinguished by his agile narrative execution and his detailed elaboration of characters and their translation into the acting field. Has directed a set of ten shortfilms that were awarded at different festivals around the world for their narrative synthesis and use of humor. He also stood out in the direction of videoclips for uruguayan bands such as La Vela Puerca, NTVG, La Trampa and Jorge Nasser, with visible results in very known music channels like MTV and Vh1.

Distinguished Works

In 2009 he directed his first film, La Casa Muda, which participated in a big number of important international festivals amongst which feature: Cannes, Sitges and La Habana. The movie became a critical and box-office success around the globe and achieved, for the first
time ever in Uruguayan cinema history, a remake in Hollywood: “Silent House”.
In the year 2011 he presented in open TV the fiction series Adicciones (Adictions), taking care of the direction, artistic production and supervising the areas of scripting, plot and editing. Adicciones also yielded excellent critical reviews and awards for its quality and general production value. In 2013 he founded, along with Ignacio García Cucucovich and Santiago González Mella, “Mother Superior”, an Indie production company for the development of “Local God”.


  • 1998 La señal – Short Film 8mn / DV
  • 1999 Corazón delator – Short Film 12 mn / DV
  • 2000 Informe – Short Film 3 mn / 16mm
  • 2001 La carta – Short Film 4 mn / 16mm
  • 2002 Hugo López Montagno (TV) -12mn / DV
  • 2006 Humo azul – 14mn / 16mm
  • 2007 Adicciones (TV series) Episode Nicotina – 50 mn / HD
  • 2010 The Silent House (La Casa Muda) – 86mn / HD
  • 2011 Adicciones (TV) Episode Fármacos – 50 mn / HD
  • 2011 Adicciones (TV) Episode Pasta Base – 50 mn / HD
  • 2012 Adicciones (TV) Episode Alcohol – 50 mn / HD
  • 2013 Local God (Dios Local) – 86 min / HD (in post production)


(CEO Tugg Inc.)

Pablo Gonzalez was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and is an entrepreneur with 12 years of experience leading development and marketing teams in an array of industries, ranging from enterprise software to retail products. Driven by his interest in disruptive technology and his longtime passion for film, he turned to the entertainment industry and co-founded Tugg, Inc., which specializes in theatrical-on-demand releasing, allowing audiences to bring the movies they want to their local theaters. He is currently Tugg’s COO, and executive producer and writer on several film projects. He is also an electrical engineer, holds an MBA, and resides in Austin, Texas.

About Tugg Inc.: “Tugg” is an innovative web-platform that enables individuals to choose the films that play in their local theaters. Through Tugg, individuals are empowered to select a film, screening time, and nearby theater, and then spread the word to their immediate and online community. Once a necessary amount of people commit to attending, the event will be confirmed, and Tugg will reserve the theater, manage ticketing and ensure delivery of the film; allowing the audience to sit back and enjoy the show. Through its expansive network of national, regional, and local exhibitors, Tugg provides a platform for individually curated events showcasing a rich and ever-growing library of hundreds of studio and independent films.

Ignacio García Cucucovich

Ignacio García Cucucovich

(CEO Mother Superior)

Was born on February 3th 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Graduated from the Cinema School of Uruguay (ECU) in 2003. From that year until now has been working gaining experience as producer and executive producer for the most important producer companies in South America. Also has worked for several prominent directors like Federico Alvarez, Gustavo Hernandez Ibañez, Rodo Sayagués, Ale Damiani, Guillermo Carbonell and Nacho Alvarez.

In 2009 he produced the first film of Hernandez, “La Casa Muda”, wich participated in a big number of important international festivals among which feature: Cannes, Sitges and La Habana.
In 2012 founded with Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez and Santiago González Mother Superior, a production company created for the realisation of the second featured film of Gustavo Hernandez Dios Local (Local God, 2013), now in editing and post-production.

Distinguished works as Executive Producer:

  • - Reevolución, videoclip. Artist: No Te Va a Gustar. Director: Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
  • - El Señor, videoclip. Artist: La Vela Puerca. Director: Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
  • - El culo de la vieja gorda, videoclip. Artist: Guatusi. Director: Rodo Sayaguez.
  • - A tus pies, videoclip. Artist: Jorge Nasser. Director: Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
  • - Bed Knife, videoclip. Artist: Santa Cruz. Director: Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
  • - “La Casa Muda” “Silent House”, Film, terror. Director: Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
  • - “Local God” “Dios Local”, Film, terror. Director Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez.
  • - “CCCP”, video art Director: Nacho Álvarez

Santiago González

Santiago González


Santiago González in his 26 years of age has developed vast experience as filmmaker and screenwriter.
Has directed several audiovisual projects, among which there are some recognized shortfilms, documentaries and advertising spots.

Has written the script of Dios Local (Local God), the first movie of Mother Superior produced in 2013.
Derretimiento (Melting) is his debut as director in long length films, and is co-author of its script which has been working with Daniel Mella and is based on a novel of Mella.

Distinguished work

  • 2008- El árbol (shortfilm). CORTEN contest of Cerveza Patricia. Screenwriter and Director.
  • 2009– Institutional piece for the kindergarten Nuevo Amanecer. Director.
  • 2010–Piscina (shortfilm), awarded with a grant to participate in DocMontevideo. Un minuto en la tierra contest. Director.
  • 2010– Lo más importante (shortfilm). Director. Shortfilm selected among more than 1000 latinamerican shortfilms by a french jury. Selected between 15 finalists of the Georges Meliés, organized by the French embasyy in Argentina.
  • Since 2011 has been working writing Pueblo Chico (Small Town) with Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez. Project in development. Screenwriter. Also has been co-writing Derretimiento (Melting) with Daniel Mella, a screenplay based on a homonymus novel. Project in development. Co-writer and Director. Both of these projects are being produced by Mother Superior.
  • 2012 – Dios Local (Local God). Project in posproduction, produced by Mother Superior. Screenwriter.



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